On May 22, 2014 at the negotiation room, Bac Lieu University (BLU) formally celebrated the closing ceremony for ETA’s agenda. This is the third ETA dispatched to BLU. The ceremony had its honors with the attention of

1.      Dr. Vo Hoang Khiem – Vice Rector of BLU

2.      Philip Anthony Lopez – ETA

3.      Ms. To Viet Thu – Chief of International Cooperation Department.

4.      Ms. Diep Thi Hong Phuoc – Vice Dean of Education Department.

5.      Mr. Nguyen Ai Hoang Chau – Head of Foreign Language Division – Education Department

6.      Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Dao – Vice Head of Foreign Language Division – Education  Department

       the officers of International Cooperation Department and representatives of teachers and students.


      In this event, on behalf of Education Department, Ms. Diep Thi Hong Phuoc made the report about all ETA’s activities during his working time in BLU. She appreciated and congratulated the noticeable achievements that ETA attained. She also emphasized, "Fulbright Program has been providing BLU students with an insight into the dynamic English speaking environment and creating the opportunities to boost the English speaking movement of the university”.

Ms. Diep Thi Hong Phuoc was making the report

           After that, Ms. Ngo Truc Phuong, a representative of lecturers and Nguyen Thi My Nhan, a representative student  expressed their deep gratitude to the ETA who supported them to improve English speaking and listening skills as well as chances to understand more about American culture.



 Ms. Ngo Truc Phuong, a representative of lecturers expressed grateful to ETA

Nguyen Thi My Nhan, a representative student expressed her gratitude to ETA

            Philip Anthony Lopez gave his opinions about his precious experience of working and his unforgettable memories of extra-curricular activities during a nine-month working agenda at BLU. He said that the memories that he got from lecturers, officers and students of BLU were very excited and he would never forget them. He also showed his thankfulness to the leaders, teachers, officers and students of BLU who gave him good conditions for living and working in the university during his working time.     

Dr. Khiem gave souvenirs to ETA


 The attendance at the ceremony

          On behalf of the university, Dr. Vo Hoang Khiem – Vice Rector of BLU thanked Philip for his contribution in BLU. Through the ETAs from Fulbright Program, the bilateral relation between Fulbright Program and BLU will be improved, especially in practical teaching and study experiences. Dr. Khiem, also sent his gratitude to Fulbright Program in Viet Nam, the U.S Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh city, the U.S Embassy in Viet Nam and hoped that BLU will continue receiving more cooperation and supports from the program.  

Written by:  Hong Ngoc

Taken by: Duc Khanh


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