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The First “Students’ Singing” Competition Of Education Faculty

To celebrate Southern Liberation Day, strengthen singing - dancing movement and choose potential factors for singing-dancing team of Education Faculty, the Faculty’s leaders held the 1st “Students’ singing” competition.
The contestants were the students from Education Faculty, Bac Lieu University. There are 6 divisions in the faculty: Math-Physics, Chemistry-Biology, Literature, Psychology-History-Geography, Foreign Language and Preschool Education-Music. Each division represented one team in the competition.
Each team gave 4 different types of performances: solo; duet or trio; septet or choir; dancing. These performances must be authorized by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Foreign language songs were not allowed and self-written songs had to be submitted to the organizers for censoring at least one week before the opening ceremony.
The judges were:
     Mr. Vuu Long Vy
     Mr. Ma The Trung
     Mr. Phan Hung
The competition occurred in 2 nights: 27-28/04/2017
The results of the competition were as follows:
* Solo:
 - “Âm sắc Bạc Liêu” (performed by Minh Khanh from Literature Division): 1st prize
 - “Ngọn lửa tuổi 20” (performed by Phuong Hang from Preschool Education-Music Interface Division): 2nd prize
 - “Dấu chân phía trước” (performed by Tan Phat from Foreign Language Division): 3rd prize
* Duet or trio:
 - “Đất nước tình yêu” (performed by Chung Tinh – Kieu Diem form Literature Division): 1st prize
 - “Việt Nam gấm hoa” (performed by Gia Han – Hang Hue – Thien Kieu from Preschool Education-Music Interface Division): 2nd prize
 - “Bạc Liêu ta đó” (performed by Hoang Anh – Tu Trinh from Chemistry-Biology Division): 3rd prize
* Septet or choir:
 - “Vinh quang Việt Nam” (performed by Literature Division Choir): 1st prize
 - “Cô gái Sài Gòn đi tải đạn” (performed by Preschool Education-Music Interface Division’s Choir): 2nd prize
 - “Linh thiêng Việt Nam” (performed by Foreign Language Division’s Choir): 3rd prize
 - “Mẹ và tổ quốc” (performed by Literature Division): 1st prize\
 - “Khát vọng Cao nguyên” (performed by Preschool Education-Music Interface Division): 2nd prize
 - “Nét đẹp quê hương” (performed by Foreign Language Division): 3rd prize
Psychology-History-Geography Division’s performance
Preschool Education-Music Interface Division’s performance
Literature Division’s performance
Math-Physics Interface Division’s performance
Chemistry-Biology Division’s performance
Despite the first time participating in a Faculty’s competition, every team had invested in choosing suitable contents and staging fascinating performances. The competition was successfully organized. It was an occasion for the students to better their life skills, public speaking skills, teamwork skills and be mature and more confident in their personal life.
News: Thu Trang
Translator: Thai Duong (7DTA1)

Education Faculty’s Teaching Contest To Welcome 26-3 And 30-4

To celebrate Ho Chi Minh communist youth union foundation day – March 26th and Southern Liberation day – April 30th, Education faculty carried out teaching contest plan among teachers of the Faculty in order to increase their qualification, teaching ability especially young teachers and enhance teachers’ quality and educational quality step by step.
Beloved educators joining this teaching contest are divided into two pools. Pool 1 for the ones who are at the age of 40 or older and experienced in teaching. By watching them teaching, the younger ones could have the chance to study and accumulate precious knowledge and experience for the sake of cultivating people. The younger ones were in Pool 2.
And the results from 2 groups were
Group 1
       - 1st  prize: Ms. Nguyen Thi Sang  from Foreign Language Division
       - 2nd prize: Ms. Doan Kim Thoa from Preschool Education-Music Interface Division 
       - 3rd prize: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Diep from Literature Division
Group 2
       - 1st prize: Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung from Psychology-History-Geography Division
       - 2nd prize: Mr. Pham Van Hung from Math-Physics Interface Division
       - 3rd prize: Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc Huyen from Foreign Language Division
Through this teaching contest, the teachers from Education Faculty, especially the young ones, were given the opportunity to exchange and improve knowledge and experience in their teaching task. The leaders of the Faculty could also evaluate and have a proper look at the teachers’ competence. The follow ups were to construct plans for training and improving teachers’ quality; to timely discover, encourage, commend and develop the positive and creative factors among the teachers.
News: Thu Trang
Translator: Thai Duong (7DTA1)

A Field Trip Of Class 9CSPĐL



A field trip is an important unit to Geography Pedagogy majors. Through this course, students have the chance to apply the knowledge they have learnt to real life situation with the guideline: “Study must be accompanied by practice”, practice their professional skills and develop soft skills which are essential to students before graduating.


To achieve that target, from 11/4 to 16/4/2017, with the permission of BLU’s board of rectors and direction from Education Faculty, 23 students of class 9CSPĐL were directly guided by Mr. Pham Xuan Lam – the group leader, Mr. Nguyen Minh Dung and Ms. Ninh Thi Thuy Duong (teachers) to pay a trip for Socio-Economic Geography (phase 1) to many tourist attractions and historical sites in Ho Chi Minh city and Da Lat city (Lam Dong).



In Ho Chi Minh city, the group incensed at Ben Duoc Temple in which people honour martyrs in the mission of liberating Vietnam before doing given tasks in the trip. They also had the opportunity to study under Cu Chi tunnels; the students could feel the misery, the sacrifice, the strong will of fighting and the surprisingly creative strategy of the soldiers in the Vietnam War. Seeing the war’s remains made them appreciate the independence that their forefathers have traded tears and blood for. In the meantime, the seniors were told about how The tunnels’ tourism works.


Leaving for Can Gio Biosphere Reserve, they had a firsthand view of coastal mangrove forest ecosystem, understood the importance of mangrove forest to biodiversity, the green lung for HCM city and nearby provinces, and learnt some methods for the conservation of biodiversity in the area.


Their next destination was Da Lat city, the group visited and studied at Datanla Waterfall – a natural masterpiece with clean and fresh environment in spite of attracting a lot of tourists. In contrast, Cam Ly waterfall is an example of how human economic activities polluted the environment of a famous landscape.



Besides, the group learnt about the activities to converse, protect and develop the temperate forest ecosystem on Lang Biang Highland and the Institute of Biology. One special thing is that the students were able to recognize the reality of socio-economic activities and their relations with the environment through exploiting natural resources for tourism and economic development at some places: Mo Mong hill, fresh vegetables farm, sculpted tunnel, flowers garden… in Da Lat city.



This field trip helps Geography Education majors improve their knowledge in real life and is an occasion for them to have firsthand view and experience different aspects in human life. From daily routines to working, and from natural sceneries to man-made products.


Class 9CSPĐL will take the second field trip for Socio-Economic Geography at Bac Lieu on 22/04/2017.


News and photos: Minh Dung

Translator: Thai Duong (7DTA1)

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