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10 outstanding events of Bac Lieu University in 2023


Bac Lieu University (BLU) is a public service institution under Bac Lieu Provincial People's Committee and was established by the Prime Minister with Decision No. 1558/QĐ-TTg signed on November 24th, 2006. After 17 years of establishment and development, it has been affirming its position in human resource training for the Ca Mau Peninsula region.

Mr. Lu Van Hung - Secretary of the Bac Lieu Provincial Party Committee beat the school drums to open the 2023 - 2024 school year at Bac Lieu University

Mr. Pham Van Thieu - Chairman of the People's Committee of Bac Lieu Province directly spoke on the occasion of the Opening of the 2023 - 2024 school year

In 2023, the school will continue to receive guidance, professional management from the Ministry of Education and Training as well as leadership attention, creating conditions for development in all aspects from the Bac Lieu provincial Party Committee and People's Committee; community responsibility with the school in training, technology transfer and labor recruitment from businesses, institutes, schools, governmental agencies inside and outside the province; especially the efforts, responsibility and sharing towards the future of all staff, lecturers and students of the school.

We respectfully invite you to review the outstanding events that Bac Lieu University has achieved in 2023.

1. Completing an external assessment of educational institution program

In recent years, with the desire to constantly improve BLU’s quality of education to perform accountability to relevant parties about the current state of educational quality and operational efficiency, it has implemented many practical and effective solutions in carrying out its tasks. Completing the self-assessment is the basis for an external assessment of educational institutions.

From October 10th to 14th, 2023, BLU collaborated with the external assessment team from Center for Educational Quality Accreditation, HCMC National University to organize an official survey program so as to inspect Determining the quality of educational facilities at here with several main activities such as: observing classes, surveying and exchanging with units of the school; Interviewing representatives of the Party Committee, University Council, Rector board, Scientific and Training Council, Unions, leaders of school units, leaders of departments, lecturers, experts, students, and alumni employees and employers recruiting students from Bac Lieu University; Researching evidence files.

On December 11th, 2023, the Council for Educational Quality Accreditation issued Resolution No. 69 on appraising the result of educational quality assessment for BLU. On that basis, Director of the Center for Educational Quality Accreditation, HCMC National University signed Decision No. 222/QD-TTKD on December 28th, 2023 regarding BLU was recognized as meeting Educational quality standards regulated by the Minister of Education and Training.

2. Starting to construct "project to improve and develop facilities" and "project to build digital management system and high-tech agricultural laboratory" with a total investment of over 120 billion VND

With attention from the local Party Committee and People's Committee, in 2023 BLU will start constructing 02 large scoped projects with a total investment of over 120 billion VND. The “project to improve and develop facilities” will help to change its appearance; Students and officials have more spacious and modern facilities.

And the project “digital management system and high-tech agricultural laboratory" will be a breakthrough that helps to improve its digital transformation index and synchronously builds systems that contribute to improve the quality of training and quality of management as well as administration of the School.

3. Establishing and publishing the first issue of Bac Lieu University Science Magazine  

To promote one of the three pillars of higher education institutions development: Scientific research and technology transfer. Thereby, encouraging and creating favorable conditions to help lecturers improve their academic index.

At the same time, it is an environment that connects domestic and foreign scientists contributing to improve the quality of training high-quality human resources. Bac Lieu University has boldly invested, proposed and implemented the registration processes to establish a scientific journal in compliance with regulations.

On April 21th, 2023, the President of BLU issued a Decision to establish a Scientific Journal and appointed Vice President, Dr. Tien Hai Ly to concurrently hold the position of Editor-in-Chief.

Editorial Board consists of 27 members including Professors, Associate Professors, and Doctors who have been working and cooperating with BLU. The Council is responsible for reviewing and approving articles in the fields of Agriculture, Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities submitted by authors. Currently, the Journal has successfully published its first issue with 11 high-quality articles.

4. Newly enrolling 01 higher educational major code named Primary Education and 04 major codes at 5th ranking including "Digital Technology", "Tourism and Travel Management", "Tourism English", "Aquaculture Environmental Protection" and "Veterinary husbandry"

With the motto of training majors that society needs, in 2023, BLU has deployed specialized faculties and training departments to develop a plan to enroll more majors at higher education level.

As a result, on August 4th, 2023, Deputy Minister of Education and Training Hoang Minh Son signed Decision No. 2246/QD-BGDDT on allowing Bac Lieu University to train Primary Education; The BLU’s president signed a decision to enroll 05 major codes at 5th ranking including: Digital Technology, Travel and Tourism Management, English for Tourism, Aquatic Environmental Protection and Veterinary Husbandry

5. Successful organizing a Job Fair with the participation of nearly 30 businesses for nearly 1,000 students to receive career counseling, guidance and recruitment.

Mr. Phan Thanh Duy - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (middle) took souvenir photos with BLU’s leaders and students

Job Fair is an opportunity for Schools and Businesses to create closer relationships in training, recruitment and labor use. It is a string to connect both schools, businesses and students, helping students have the opportunity to meet, interact, and learn about recruitment information directly with businesses. Thereby, it helps students have an overview and realistic information as well as human resource requirements of the current labor market.


Dr. Phan Van Dan – Bac Lieu University’s president gave his opening speech at the 2023 Job Fair

 Job Fair 2023 had attracted a lot of attention from nearly participants including 30 businesses and nearly 1,000 students. At this event, many businesses connected and shared recruitment methods, recruitment requirements, policies and the company’s working environment.

The Job Fair’s organization is also an affirmation of BLU’s role and responsibility in consulting and introducing jobs for students, contributing to discovering career and high, stable - sustainable income employment opportunities, improving the effectiveness of job creation support and career training for laborers in the province.

6. Successful organizing a Start-up and Innovation Ideas competition for students.

With a desire to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, create conditions for students to equip more knowledge, practice working, analytical, evaluation and life skills. Thereby, students can apply professional knowledge into their real life to meet employers’ expectations.

BLU successfully organized the first Students with Start-up - Innovation Ideas competition in 2023 with the participation of nearly 50 groups proposed ideas in lots of alternative fields such as: information technology, agriculture, economics, education, .... Many projects and ideas at the competition were introduced, participated and successfully entered the final round of the 2023 Student with Startup and Innovation Ideas Competition organized by the Student Starting up Supporting Network in Mekong Delta region.

This is a good playground for activities of academia, scientific research and innovation that attracts a large number of students, lecturers and businesses to participate, compete together to create innovative products, ideas, feasible projects so as to create motivation to boost the spirit, study and practice of BLU’s students. This is also one of the key activities, aiming to build solutions to create a favorable environment to promote and support the process of forming and developing innovative and start-up activities of students during the school year 2023 - 2024.

7. Celebrating to sign 10 cooperation agreement documents with domestic and international institutes, schools, businesses and organizations.

With the goal of cooperative activities: "Improving the quality of human resources, facilities, training capacity, science and technology of the school, promoting the integration process, developing and enhancing its position in the system of domestic and international educational institutions". To adapt to the new normal context, the school's domestic and international cooperation is flexible in celebrating reception and expanding cooperation partners.

Mr. Phan Thanh Duy (in white shirt) - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee witnessed the cooperation signing between Bac Lieu University and Enterprises at Job Fair 2023

In 2023, the school strengthened connection and signed cooperation with domestic and international partners. Increasing up to more than 50 organizations signing comprehensive cooperation. This is the premise to help the BLU’s students have the best conditions in reality and internship to improve professional knowledge and soft skills. In addition, the cooperation signing also demonstrated its role as a bridge between businesses and students in recruiting high-quality human resources, demonstrating the school's commitment and responsibility to society.

8. Celebrating 24 specialized training classes on technology transfer and professional skills.

Implementing the strategic plan to develop BLU within the period 2020 - 2025. With the responsibility of connecting and serving the community, in 2023 BLU coordinated with State Departments and Enterprises inside and outside the province celebrating 24 training classes for nearly 2,045 learners including officials, civil servants and public employees with many practical contents such as: Vocational and soft skills to serve tourism belonging to the tourism development program; State management of building new rural areas, model new rural areas and the urbanization process; professional training in tourism; Improving management capacity and behavioral culture in tourism,...

9. Awarding diplomas to nearly 400 graduates

Dr. Phan Van Dan – BLU’s president awarded certificates of merit to new graduates with Excellent and Honor achievements in the entire course of 2023

On September 30th, 2023, BLU successfully celebrated the Graduation Ceremony of Pedagogical Colleges and Regular Universities in 2023. At the ceremony, nearly 400 new graduates were awarded diplomas and 30 students with excellent and excellent academic results throughout the course were awarded Certificate of Merit. The certificates that new graduates receive is the responsible crystallization between teachers and students; between school, family and business during the time studying at the school.

10. Successful celebrating the Trade Union Congress and the Vietnamese Student Association Congress of BLU.

The Executive Committee of the BLU’s Trade Union, Course V, took souvenir photos with the leaders of the Public Employees' Union and leaders of Bac Lieu University

On April 19th, 2023, the 5th Congress of Bac Lieu University's Trade Union Congress, Term 2023 - 2028, took place successfully. Representatives elected the V course Executive Committee, term 2023 - 2028, including 11 people; Mr. Nguyen Huu Tam - Deputy Head of the Training Department holds the position of Chairman;

With the theme of Innovation - Democracy - Solidarity - Development and specific, comprehensive targets for the next term. Bac Lieu University's Trade Union for the term 2023 - 2028 will certainly continue to develop strongly, contributing to the good implementation of the strategic plan for the development of Bac Lieu University for the period 2020 - 2025 and the vision to the year 2030.

On July 8th, 2023, the 6th Congress of the Vietnamese Student Association of Bac Lieu University, Term 2023 - 2025, was successfully celebrated with the participation and direction from leadership representatives of Central Vietnam Student Association, Bac Lieu Provincial Personnel Affairs Department, Bac Lieu Provincial Youth Union and Party Committee – BLU’s Rector Board.

The Executive Committee of Vietnamese Students of BLU took souvenir photos with the leaders from Central Vietnam Student Association, Provincial Youth Union and Bac Lieu University

The Congress went through the political report and proposed program contents; The Congress received guidance from the Secretariat of the Central Vietnamese Student Association and the Party Committee of Bac Lieu University; The Congress representatives negotiated to elect the Executive Committee of the Student Association of Bac Lieu University, Course VI. Accordingly, the result showed that Mr. Mai Hoa An - Member of the Standing Committee of the BLU’s Youth Union was elected to the position of President of the Student Association of Course VI.

With the spirit of responsibility and enthusiasm of youth in 2023, BLU’s Unions have built and implemented many meaningful projects for union members, club’s members and the community. Continuing to contribute to affirming the school’s role and mission in serving the community.

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Translated by Anh Thuy