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Bac Lieu University and Viettel Bac Lieu Branch signed cooperation agreement.


On the afternoon of August 4th, 2023, at the Hall on the 5th floor of Viettel Tower, the delegation led by Dr. Phan Van Dan - Principal of Bac Lieu University (BLU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Viettel Bac Lieu Branch.

Dr. Phan Van Dan - Principal of Bac Lieu University spoke at the signing ceremony

The ceremony warmly welcomed Mr. Pham Thong Nhat - Deputy Director of  Bac Lieu provincial Information and Communications Department; Representatives of Viettel - Bac Lieu Branch’s leaders included Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Quang Phong - Director, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Xuan Ngoc - Deputy Director of Corporate Customers, comrade Pham Van Khanh - Deputy Director of Information Technology Solutions; The BLU delegation included Dr. Phan Van Dan - President, Dr. Ngo Duc Luu – Secretary of BLU’s Communist Party, Chairman of the University Council, Dr. To Vinh Son - Head of Training Department; Dr. Truong Thu Trang - Deputy Head of Department of Science Affairs and International Relations; Leaders of afficilliated Departments.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Quang Phong – Director of Viettel Bac Lieu Branch spoke at the event

At the ceremony, Dr. Phan Van Dan and Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Quang Phong - gave an overview on situations of development, strengths and potentials that the two institutions can combine, cooperate with each other. The BLU’s president thanked for 5G network coverage in the University deployed by the leaders of Viettel Bac Lieu Branch. This is also a premise for cooperation and a condition to help the University gradually carrying out the educational Digital transformation.

Mr. Pham Thong Nhat – Deputy Director of the Bac Lieu Provincial Information and Communications Department delivered a congratulatory speech

After nearly 2 working hours, the participants discussed and shared the strengths that the two sides can cooperate and complement each other to develop, especially paying attention to information technology field. Accordingly, BLU and Viettel Bac Lieu Branch signed a MoU on typical contents such as:

* Viettel Bac Lieu Branch will coordinate and support BLU, as follows:

+ Supporting in implementing digital transformation with Party A including: surveying, assessing the University's comprehensive digital maturity level, strategic consulting and digital transformation solutions to further improve quality education, maintaining its pioneering position in digital transformation in Vietnam's higher education system.

+ Providing mobile connection services with the latest technologies such as: artificial intelligence (AI), electronic payment system, deployment and support for free use of data on the 5G platform for Party A serving teaching, learning and scientific researching.

+ Consulting on solutions for installing digital management system equipment and IoT labs.

+ Supporting the development and implementation of smart classroom, smart school, and online meeting room solutions to improve the University operations and management and increasing the teaching and learning experience of lecturer, students.

+ Supporting on consulting security solutions: Cloudrity network security supports and protects information technology systems against cyber attack risks such as exploitation attacks, information theft, denial attacks service; cyber security coordination, automation and response solutions; and other information security solutions.

+ Researching and deploying the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) system for the University to serve the monitoring and operation of school activities with customized features to suit the University's needs. 

+ Researching and deploying information technology systems, cloud ecosystems, information security, postal delivery & logistics... to serve the universities to its affiliated departments’ operation and management with features customized to suit the University's needs.

+ Supporting start-up activities for BLU students, introducing opportunities, accepting interns and recruiting BLU excellent students/alumni to work at branches of Viettel Group on meeting the facility recruitment demand according to the Group's regulations.

BLU will carry out commitments and coordinates with Viettel Bac Lieu Branch as follows:

+ Providing services related to training for Viettel Bac Lieu Branch: training skills and knowledge for staff according to orders.

+ Carrying out surveys and assessments for Viettel Bac Lieu Branch on the products and services that Viettel deploys, pointing out limitations, product problems and proposing solutions.

+ Creating conditions for Viettel so as to deploy telecommunications infrastructure: broadband network, mobile information network, information technology solutions... to ensure service quality for officials, civil servants and public employees, lecturers, workers and students of the University.

+ Providing human resources suitable for Viettel Bac Lieu Branch's operation fields such as information technology, electronics and telecommunications, economics and other industries that are suitable to the needs of the Group.

The signing ceremony between Bac Lieu University and Viettel Bac Lieu Branch was successfully made. The event has marked the long-term cooperation regarding training activities, technology transfer and digital transformation research in education.

Other typical images at the signing ceremony

Written and photos by Informatic and Library Center, BLU.