Thứ 6, 21/06/2024

Training on "Organic vegetable production" for officials of communes, wards and cooperatives in Bac Lieu province


In order to link with reality and serve the community as well as improve professional expertise in organic agriculture for local commune, ward and cooperative officials; create a triangle round - State, School and Business. On the morning of May 22, 2023, Bac Lieu University coordinated with the People's Committee of Bac Lieu City and Mekong Organics Co. Ltd., to organize a training short course "Organic vegetable production".

The course welcomed Mr. Broughton Alan John - Expert from Mekong Organics Co. Ltd., Dr. Tien Hai Ly – Vice President of Bac Lieu University; Dr. Truong Thu Trang - Deputy Head of Science Affairs and International Relations Department; Representative leader of Bac Lieu University’s departments and faculties; Representative of Bac Lieu Newspaper, Bac Lieu Radio and Television Station; along with the presence of 26 learners.

At the ceremony, Dr. Tien Hai Ly, representing the leadership of Bac Lieu University, presented flowers and sent his most respectful thanks to Mr. Broughton Alan John - Expert from Mekong Organics Company Limited


On behalf of the class organizer, Dr. Truong Thu Trang sent her best and sincerest wishes to the learners and hoped that the course would help them gain more basic knowledge about organic vegetable production and apply it in reality in the most effective way.

The course of "Organic vegetable production" lasted from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on May 22, 2023. Attending the class, the reporter presented with some contents such as: Introduction to the principles of organic agriculture and organic farming experiences of localities in Asia, Growing organic vegetables muscle; Growing organic vegetables, making compost, using worms to compost and methods to prevent pests on vegetables.

After an enthusiastic study and research day, Bac Lieu University organized the Certificates awarding to 26 learners.

Although the training, learning and exchange time was short, with the dedicated guidance of the class organizers and reporters by his practical experience, especially with the learners' best efforts, the course got very high learning results: 100% of qualified students were awarded certificates.

The ceremony took place successfully in a joyful and excited atmosphere of all learners and organizers

By Ai Tho

Photo Ngoc Man